Philippines Immersion

In January, the Principal from St Brigid’s Kyogle, Tony Hunter and his wife Helen will be taking part in the Diocesan Philippines Immersion ‘Empowering Daughters’ which is a programme that St Brigid’s teacher Laura Hughes undertook last year. This involves living and working with families in Manila who have been supported by Fr Nonong and the people from Adamson University.

Before the Immersion Tony and Helen will be going to the Philippines island of Cebu where they will spend a week working in the Bethlehem Day Care Centre. The Centre was established by Australian priest Fr John Iacono and supports children of families who survive day to day scrounging through the city dump. These families homes are put together with bits of tin, wood, old car tyres, in fact anything that they can find at the dump.

The Hunter’s have contacted the Sisters who run the Day Care Centre and are looking for donations of children’s underwear ,clothing and thongs to take over with them to help in some way ease some of the hardship these children face. If you can help please drop donations off to St Brigid’s Primary School or the Our Lady of Sorrows Parish Office by the end of this year (30th December).